Social-Emotional Development

At Endeavor International School, social and emotional development are just as important as academic development. Social-emotional development not only helps the adolescent adjust to changes in his environment but also has proven to lead to greater success and happiness later in life. Our educators prioritize fostering social-emotional abilities and positive character traits such as openness, collaboration skills, conscientiousness, agreeableness, perseverance, and a growth mindset.

We offer many opportunities for our students to build these strong character traits both inside and outside the classroom.

Community Service

Participating in community service helps foster caring and compassionate individuals who show empathy and respect toward others. Our students are encouraged to participate in numerous community outreach projects throughout the year. Some of these projects include food drives, warm coat drives, toy drives, and blanket drives for the homeless, impoverished children and our U.S. troops overseas.


We understand the importance of having creative outlets during adolescence in order to achieve a balanced growth. That is why we provide our students with the opportunity to participate in clubs. Our Yearbook Club is a great creative outlet for our students.

Special Events

Throughout the year, our students have the chance to participate in many special events outside of the classroom.

To foster global awareness, our “international trip”. We also take an in-field education trip to the Nature Classroom Institute in Florida.

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