Megan Abreu

Junior High

Megan Abreu was born in San Antonio, Texas and has lived in Georgia for over 20 years. She attended the University of North Georgia where she received a Bachelors in Education and Special Education, with and endorsement in Reading. Megan began teaching in 2013 and loves how the Montessori curriculum fosters real and relevant learning while naturally guiding students throughlearning experiences.

Here is how Megan describes a top teaching moment:“When I introduced a fun Native American Trading project in my classroom, I loved the way the students naturally found themselves engaged in the activity. They were on task, collaborating, and fully immersed in the role as if they were Native Americans Trading goods in the 1700’s.”

Megan has been married for three years, and has one sweet daughter who is currently a student in our toddler community here at EIS. She enjoys reading, swimming, and singing. She hopes to someday travel to Spain.