Junior High

Ages 12 – 15 years

Our Middle School organizes students into a multi-grade classroom. The classroom community is led by a core teacher supported by a range of specialist teachers.

The classroom structure is nurturing and learner-centered and offers a wide range of experiences. Students’ work is divided into personal learning and group learning. Personal learning involves work such as essays and tests that lend themselves to students’ individual efforts. Though academic work can be undertaken in partnership with others, students are held individually accountable for their progress. Group learning takes place in teams of three to four, where students learn to collaborate on projects and where research is shared in presentations, seminars, and debates.

The Endeavor International School at Dunwoody education offers an opportunity for the adolescent to grow in all domains of development during this turbulent time, and leaves Middle School and High School students well prepared to tackle any academic or social challenge and to flourish in a wide variety of settings.

Our Policies

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