Endeavor International School offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) for students in Grades 11 and 12. The IB DP is open to all students regardless of previous educational experience, and it is in concordance with our mission to promote the development of world citizens.

Students may elect to participate in the IB DP in one of these ways:

• As an IB Diploma candidate

• As an IB Course candidate

Generally, it is recommended for most students to elect the full IB Diploma, but the decision for which path to take will be made in consultation with teachers, DP Coordinator and the student’s parents.

Before students can make a choice about which path to choose, an orientation session is held for current students and parents. The information presented will include:

• Prior learning that is advised

• Challenging nature of the program

• Subjects offered

• Course expectations

• Core requirements

• Outline of syllabus and assessments

• Interdisciplinary skills and attitudes that need to be developed

• Time management skills that need to be developed over the duration of the course

• Academic honesty

Students from other schools seeking entry into DP will communicate with the Admissions Manager/Counselor and DP Coordinator who keep them informed about the requirements and subject choices available. In the admission interview conducted by the Head of School and/or IB DP Coordinator, prospective students are informed of the philosophy, structure, demands and expectations of the course and are given the opportunity, along with their parents, to ask any questions that they may have.

Parents and students are encouraged to inform the school of any specific learning needs so that teachers can make accommodations as described in the Special Educational Needs Policy.

A student who decides to participate in the IB Program, as a full Diploma candidate or as a Course candidate, can expect to:

• Approach tasks with a sense of purpose

• Demonstrate that he/she allocates time and effort for all the assignments

• Demonstrate self-discipline and responsibility

• Share with, and contribute to, the community.

The students will sign an agreement stipulating all these expectations.

The IB Diploma

The two-year DP provides students with a rigorous academic study which prepares them for university. The IB DP students choose 6 subjects, 3 at higher level and 3 at standard level, to study alongside Theory of Knowledge, the Extended Essay, and the Creativity, Activity and Service Program. All students work with the DP Coordinator and teachers’ recommendations on their course selections.

IB Courses

For students not pursuing the full IB DP, it is possible to register for individual IB subjects and complete courses of study, including the IB exam. Individual IB course certificates are issued and may be used to help secure admission and credit at certain colleges and universities.

In some instances, a student may be advised to withdraw from the full diploma program and pursue individual courses instead. The decision to do so is made in conjunction with a student’s parent, teachers, and the DP Coordinator.

Students Eligibility

The students should have at least a grade B in each subject to be studied at Higher Level.

For Music course (SL and HL) an audition is required.

For Spanish B two years of uninterrupted studies prior to 11th grade and at least a grade B is required.

No matter which option students choose, all students in grades 11 and 12 must successfully complete CAS and TOK in order to receive an Endeavor International School Diploma. Students who are pursuing a full IB Diploma must also successfully complete an Extended Essay.

This policy is reviewed every two years by the staff of Endeavor International School and made available to interested families.


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